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Thanks to commenter Brandon Turner [MSFT] pointing out the source for this post, Joe Cheng and that the bug has been repaired. Just update to the newest version from All is well until the next Runtime Error.

A personal note from PhxG: I am seriously impressed in the speed of repair Feb 8-Feb 13 and the apparently overworked Brandon Turner. Has Microsoft returned to the days of yore of DOS 6.0 when things “just worked”? All I know for sure is that the Windows 7 Beta I downloaded is working like no other Windows OS has previously and will gladly upgrade when the retail version is released. Although Bill Gates will personally have to pry my iPhone from my cold dead hands before I go back to Windows Mobile.


Original Post

Yes, it does have a flaw I have discovered in using it; the program sometimes creates a corrupted file making it fail to load. This is a royal pain in the ass. I did everything, restart; repair; uninstall/re-install; berate Windows XP; berate Microsoft; cry; google the error message and more. Nothing I could find gave me any information to rectify this problem. That is until I found ONE (1) blog post with information about the corrupted file problem. I would link to the blog, but now I can’t find it.

If you have problems with LiveWriter have no fear, follow these instructions all will be well (maybe).


From the run box enter this command string: %UserProfile%\Application Data\Windows Live Writer\Keywords\

This will open a folder that looks like this:


DELETE the file in this folder.

Have no fear, it will be rebuilt when LiveWriter is opened the next time.


That’s it. Nothing more. woot!!


I have strange music tastes. I may go from Pink Floyd to Brittany on a single day. I appreciate some of the more unusual sounds created; Zamfir anyone? And with a healthy love of YouTube I have come across an amazing feat by what is one greatly talented young man. Enjoy!




Inspired from BoingBoing

Now I must admit, I am completely and totally addicted to CoD:WaW. I play probly 15 hours a week. Yes, I am good at it and yes I get my ass kicked by the 15 year old punks with 8th level Prestige. But the game is full of Awesome and unicorns, as first person shooters go.

Meet Hugh Spencer, a writer and designer of museum and public educational exhibitions, father to 13 year old Evan Spencer, an avid gamer. Turns out Evan really wanted to play CoD:WaW and his father was not on board. Even, industrious teen as he is laid out his reasoning for playing the game (which I’m sure was something like WAAAAAAAAAA I Wanna PLAY!!!! Which is the same argument I use on my wife). Dad’s response was, interesting:

[Dad] asked Evan to google the Geneva Convention. Then he had to read it and then we had to discuss it. This we did. So the deal is that Evan has to fight according to the rules of the Geneva Convention. If his team-mates violate the Convention then play stops and Call of Duty goes away for a while.

Ummm, OOOOOOKAAAAAYYYYY, the Geneva Convention, or actually the four articles of the convention outline the basic principals of civilized warfare. I am not generally a fan as my opinion is that if you actually go to war, your job is to win completely. But that is another topic.

Playing CoD:WaW is a typical FPS game, you run around, and you shoot everything that moves. And unfortunately for young Evan, the application of the Geneva Conventions to CoD:WaW is not an option. Why, because you can not take prisoners, every enemy MUST be killed, even when wounded. There are no civilians to be worried about and there are no "banned weapon types" in the game.

Evan, enjoy. Have your dad call me, I’ll set him straight that video games are not an extension of reality, no matter what there premise is based upon.


There’s more here from Michael Ramirez.

From our friends over at Gizmodo


Rarely am I this impressed at Star Wars themed food products. Sure, there is Wookiee Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook, but that is just so, normal.

No, a life sized Han Solo guacamole platter is not only cool, it is fulfilling.

Load Capt. Solo into my cargo hold. Add chips and beer too.

I have said before that atypical migraines suck ass. I will reaffirm that sentiment. Turns out, that for some reason atypical migraines tend to affect the Supraorbital, Angular and Superficial Temporal Arteries of the head. For me, it’s on the left side and it’s like being hit in the eye.


Going on 12 weeks now, thank the Lord Jebus for Percocet.

In honor of the EPU two sentence diary declaration.


At a time when it appears every celebrity is an Obamaton. I present a great list of celebrities who are Republicans.


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