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To everyone that comes here, still, thank you.

I wish to express my appreciation and apologize that I have not been more active. Turns out I have a problem in the head. Which according to many, this has been the case for some time.

Without getting into the details I have, which my neurologist explained as "something" causing pressure upon my optic nerve. Because of the pressure, it may kill the nerve resulting in blindness. And there you have it folks.

What this means: I have at best 30-45 minutes a day where I can look at a computer screen or TV or anything without enduring a migraine like headache. Posting this has taken most of my internet time today, so you are worth it.


Sitting here on a cool February day I found this one website. It espoused conservative ideals without compromising on principles (happy Aaron G) and delivered what was perhaps the very best thoughts on the state of conservatism today. There is no words to express the apprehension in adding my two cents in with the literary might of Jeff Emmanuel, Ben Domenech, Mike Krempasky, Streiff, Moe, Neil, Erick & Leon let alone Pejman Yousefzadeh (yes, I had to look up Terpsichorean, who knows a word like that?). And watch I did. Naturally, following the posting rules I held my tongue for a few months; I am a firm believer in Rushs’ advice that one must listen for a while to garner full understanding. Nearly every day I read as much as I can on RS.

Like all new posters my conservative credentials were challenged. mbecker had a few choice thoughts about them. But in the end I stayed and added a bit here and there. Not everyone can produce an idea in print like a pro, I try, but hey, I don’t write for a living; which is good because I would starve. And as the years passed I came and went with the ebb and flow of daily life. RS1.0, before I even registered did not impress me. RS2.0, it was pretty good, it pulled me in. RS3.0 was less then stellar. And now RS4.0. Who ever decided upon the WordPress API deserves their weight in gold. This has for some reason, probly as a direct result of my migraines, spurred my brain to work and want to spread my thoughts.

As I express myself now nearly daily, it is never without first reading and seeing what everyone else is saying. World events have drawn my attention back to the security and safety of the people here. Jeff’s adventures in Iraq was a fairly poignant point wondering if we would hear, through another that another correspondent died while covering the war. Just the other day I saw this and instantly thought about the well being of C17Wife. There’s many more of these then I care to list but just know that I do look inward at this site and the people as friends. This, is a good thing.


So here we are, 3 short years later, attached to people who I know only through the loose connection of the internet. Now all I need is to move into my mom’s basement and build this and the trifecta will be complete. 


P.S. I stand by my earlier post that EPU is really Rush Limbaugh. Prove me wrong.


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Well there it is folks, I have geek issues.


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Nothing is more important to who we are then to have left others knowing that we care. -ME

Since you arrived here, you want to know a little about me, this will be less witty then you had hoped. I have 4 roles in life (currently):

My Son is the joy in my life. Watching him grow has been an experience I never could have dreamed would be so pleasurable.

Business Executive
Yes, even I have to work during the day. Basically, I create franchiseable companies.

Fire Department Volunteer
I am a Behavioral Health Specialist with the City of Phoenix Fire Department. This is a volunteer position where I respond with Fire or Police to crisis situations. Occasionally, I will post some of my doings. But for the most part I help people who are facing seemingly insurmountable personal crises in their life.

Avid Gamer
OK, I love video games. Old ones, new ones shooters, driving and more. There are 2 kinds of games I loathe: the ones that are based on TV game shows and anything in the Guitar Hero line. Pushing 4 buttons in sequence with no further goal is just, pointless.

Look for me playing Call of Duty, World at War on XBOX Live (frequently)

Put your gamertag here too.

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