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No fights at this Townhall so the SEIU union thugs must have been absent.

"I think people are justifiably angry at the way Congress has been operating,"

Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.


From what I have read so far the event was (relatively) well behaved and other than some heated disagreements, which is to be expected, it was a civil exchange of ideas. Now here is a Parliament fight to watch.

Rep. Flake took and responded to UNSCRIPTED questions from the people:

Q: Do you believe that the Democrats will be using this bill as a means to an end to get everyone on a government healthcare system?
A: Yes, this legislation "will inevitably lead to [everyone being on] a single-payer system," …to have insurance, you’ll have to be on the government’s rolls.

Q: How in the world can we allow our children to have to pay for this down the road?
A: "We are committing generational theft"

Q: How do you respond to the idea that the government will essentially be setting standards on who lives and who dies?
A: The "government will have to ration either by costs or by services. It’s a legitimate fear of many that the government will start to ration services."




More video I can not get to embed:

Fox 10 News

ABC 15 News

I want to credit Andrew Meeusen who attend this event and provided the photos. If you have the time follow him on Twitter:



DISCLAIMER: I so wanted to go but this having to work thing got in the way.

Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ-6) held a town hall meeting, I wanted to go and get video but only just heard about it after it started.

Dems were too afraid to see public today, so public went to the Dems. About 2000 protesters showed up infront of Mitchell office Tweet

~2000 people and it was about 101 Degrees at that time. Kinda cool for early August, Darn global warming.

No matter, as we here know the result was as it has been across this great nation, Democrats are being beaten like a rented mule over the Obamacare disgrace.

While not able to attend, fellow Phoencian and frequent Twitterer Hellebore5000 was and he got some great pictures:



Full set here.

And of course the requisite Youtube Video.

I;m sorry I was not aware of this as I would have gone, but no matter, there will be plenty more. And seeing as AZ-6 is traditionally a Republican district, having been only narrowly won in 2006 and 2008, it’s my understanding that ‘ol Harry may have some re-election problems in 2010.

And of course if you are using Twitter, and now is a great time to be, follow Hellebore5000, among others PhxGonline (shameless plug).

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